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1 DAY Toboggan Pass

This pass is valid for one day and toboggan hire!

Experience the thill of tobogganing on Australia’s Largest Toboggan Park and Magic Carpet!

Selwyn Snow Resort offers a magic carpet to take you back up the tobogganing slope, eliminating the need for walking!

For safety and liability reasons, please note that tobogganing is not permitted anywhere at Selwyn Snow Resort except for the dedicated toboggan park.

Only Selwyn Snow Resort Toboggans are to be used in the toboggan park. External toboggans not allowed.


Online-only 1-day toboggan pass for $25 includes access to the toboggan area and magic carpet, but not other lifts.

Toboggan hire is included and can be collected at the tobogganing area.

Toboggan and Lift Pass are separate products. To access the toboggan park, you must have a valid Toboggan Pass. 


Failing to follow the instructions of staff; or using your toboggan in any area outside designated toboggan parks in refusal of service.

You must purchase a Toboggan Access Pass to enter the Designated Toboggan Area in order to ride the lift. 

You cannot use the toboggan park area without a valid Toboggan Access Pass

Please see our full Terms and Conditions for further information

Tobogganing is not permitted anywhere in the Resort except for designated toboggan parks

By purchasing a toboggan pass you are agreeing to all Terms & Conditions. 

Full Terms & Conditions can be found HERE

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